Long-Term Care Education

I educate individuals and families on the critical things to know about Long-Term Care including why to get it, how to get it, and who to get it from.

LTC Insurance Sales

As a fee based, licensed and bonded brokerage, Bamford is not captive to a single company and can shop around for the best products and plans to fit an individuals needs.

Medicaid Planning

In addition to drafting Medicaid Annuities, Bamford can process Medicaid applications, coordinate with DSHS Social Workers, and protect family assets.


Long-Term Care Education

Whether 1-on-1 in his office with a family or at a packed conference hall full of lawyers, Bruce has been educating people about long-term care for more than 25 years. His experience in LTC insurance, Medicaid planning, and asset protection makes his classes invaluable. The depth of his knowledge allows Bruce to assist everyone from beginners that need to know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, to seniors that need to reevaluate the features of their current insurance plan.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Bruce was Olympia's first independent long-term care (LTC) insurance broker. This freedom allows Bruce to have an honest conversation with his clients and understand their needs based on the individuals net-worth and medical history without a corporate giant looming over him. He then shops more than 20 companies and hundreds of plans from industry leaders like Mutual Omaha, Genworth and Trans-America to find the plan that's right. He also helps families understand the nature and purpose of LTC insurance and if it's a right for them in the first place.

Nurse and elderly man spending time together

Medicaid Planning

For those which find long-term care insurance not medically feasible or financially out of reach, Bruce helps clients successfully apply for Medicaid. Bruce has helped more than a hundred applicants successfully navigate the Medicaid process. He identifies medical needs that could warrant a Medicaid application,  collects assets, coordinates with Medicaid attorneys/accountants, and helps identify companies that can meet those medical needs. Bruce also helps coordinate and troubleshoot Medicaid applications with DSHS social workers, ensuring a successful application with the minimal loss of resources.

The Medicaid Application process is complex and time consuming. Average processing time is 4-months from the initial meeting.