Get Educated for FREE

Over the years I have spoken to more than 50 groups and public gatherings throughout the greater Puget Sound area. My seminars and classes are strictly informational in nature; No Selling is done during classes. In these 2-hours sessions I teach seven critical facts about Long-Term Care including:

  1. What is Long-Term Care Insurance and how do you pick the right company?
  2. Medicaid & Medicare. What’s the difference?
  3. What’s the process for qualifying for Medicaid?
  4. Medicaid Myths. Will You lose everything?
  5. How do people pay for their care?
  6. Why should a “Medicaid” Elder Attorney look at my will or do my will?
  7. How do we navigate the whole system of Long Term Care?

I perform 1 FREE class a month from 11 AM to 1 PM. See the Calendar for other schedule sessions or schedule a consultation for an individual appointment.