A New Way Through The Medicaid Process

In case the information throughout the rest of my site didn’t convey it, applying for Medicaid can be challenging. Complex regulations, financial requirements, and medical evaluations means the process can take many weeks and their’s never a guarantee you’ll be accepted. Although we here at Bamford Financial have a flawless track record for Medicaid applications over the years, we recognized the challenges of trying to coordinate the financial, medical, and legal aspects of Medicaid with various experts in the field was time consuming.

To help expedite the Medicaid process Bamford LTC Financial entered into a partnership to create the Medicaid Planning Team. A group of experienced professionals that work together to help families navigate the rules and regulations necessary to qualify for Medicaid. We’ll also partner with your own attorneys, advisers, social workers, and discharge planners. To learn more about the Medicaid Planning team┬ácontact Bruce Bamford HERE.